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Top tips for selling your used car at its top value

In the old days, selling a used car was simple since you could only put a sign on the window and you would eventually find a buyer. However, in this digital error, things are a lot more different. Buyers can use online listings to find other similar cars to yours and in a matter of minutes. This means that competition is stiff. So if you want to make good money from that old junky that has served you so well, follow these top tips that have been compiled just for you.

Get that old beast looking awesome again

There are things you can’t control when it comes to your old car; say mileage and year model for example. However, the condition of your car is totally under your control. That is why you need to increase your car’s curb appeal before putting it up for sale. It goes without saying that people prefer nice looking, clean cars. Stains, scratches and dirt will make your car look cheaper than it really is. A dirty car might also give the impression that it was not well taken care of.

What you want to do  here is to strike the mind of a possibly nervous buyer is that the vehicle was well maintained. So go that extra mile and make it look as close to new as possible. Ensure you replace what needs to be replaced such as mats. Clean and wax thoroughly starting with a thorough vacuuming. Remember, doing this on your own will be a lot cheaper than hiring someone to do it. However,  n doing nothing at all. Ensure you weigh your options well.

Keep all records in order

A clean car can look well maintained but it’ll be a lot better if you could you could actually prove i t. Showing your potential buyer all your maintenance and service records will go a long way in giving  a peace of mind. A tiny and well organized history from an established and reputable firm could easily result in a much higher sales price for your car. A history report from such a company will reveal things like number of previous owners, length of ownership, lien history and warranty. But above all is the fact that it shows you have nothing to hide. Remember, such an exercise is not that expensive and will yield better results in the long run.

Know the correct value of your car

Knowing this value will help you determine a realistic price which is kind of a big deal. Doing this doesn’t have to be difficult as there are a number of websites that can help you. Visit any of your choice and feed in the details of your car. Ensure you do not exaggerate. Alternatively, search for cars similar to yours and compare prices.  You can add a few hundred dollars to the price you come at to account for those that will haggle with you.

Sell the car on your own

Choosing to be your own salesman, marketer and dealer will see you enjoy full profit. After all you won’t have to pay anyone but yourself. Ensure you dress well and appropriately when meeting the client. Have your facts on your fingertips and exhibit confidence. You do not want to turn away a potential buyer because you made the wrong impression through how looked and talked. Be on your best behavior on that day!