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Simple ways you can keep your vehicle in great shape

Your vehicle is probably your second most prized possession after your home, and taking care of it is monumental. Not only would you be proud driving it around, but it’ll also earn you a lot more when you decide to take a loan against it as collateral. Besides, you don’t want a screeching engine just when you’re about to take that road trip you’ve been planning for the whole year. So, here are a couple of ways to make things right with your car.

Keep the maintenance schedule

Though this may seem like a no-brainer, it is crucial if you do not want to spend so much money in future fixing a broken car. This is very important regardless of the vehicle you drive. And the good news is, it’s the simplest thing you will do for your car because you only have to pay attention to your owner’s manual. For instance, almost all recent-model cars have an oil monitoring system spelt out in the manual. This system tells you when is the best time for an oil change, and the type of oil/gas you should use for your car.

Remember, if you use the wrong oil or fill your vehicle with the lowest octane fuel you can get, you risk causing damage that would cost you more than you would save by using the cheap stuff. Every car, like any other massive new home appliance, has its regular maintenance schedule inside it. Though it may vary from one vehicle to another, from it you will discover how often your manufacturer suggests you change drives, filters and timing belts. So, be smart and strictly follow the maintenance schedule spelt out in the owner’s manual. It is that simple.

Have a listening ear

Did you know that your car has a defense mechanism of its own and it can alert you when something is amiss? When things are not moving as they should inside your car, it will inform you via unnatural noises it’ll produce. All you have to do is to be keen and listen. Every now and then, turn off the radio and listen for any of these odd noises. For instance, a loud squealing sound of the break indicates wear and you need to replace your brakes.

Prevention is better than cure

If you want to keep your car in good condition without spending more than necessary, then you will need to conduct regular maintenance. The regular visits to the mechanic just for check up and small repairs here and there will save you lots of money you would otherwise use to fix a major breakdown. There’s no secret to making a car last long except for regular and dedicated maintenance. That scheduled lubrication and oil change will keep the power train going strong. Periodically check the brakes and seatbelts to ensure they work properly.

Take it easy

An occasional panic stop or full-throttle acceleration isn’t going to do much harm. However, a constant road racer attitude will greatly add to its downtime. Ensure you take it easy on your car and you don’t drive it too hard. When you have a calm driving attitude you will not stress your car and this keeps it in top condition without spending a dime. For instance, do not change into reverse gear or back to a forward gear until the car is stopped. This way you will avoid putting stress on the transmission component.